De-Angela Ewing Veteran in Cannabis

My name is De-Angela Ewing and I am a United States Marine Corps veteran. I enlisted in the Corps because I wanted to challenge myself, travel, and ensure my education was paid for in full. While serving I was a 3052 which is supply, and I went on a MSSG-31 Tour and OEF/OIF in 2005. I also did security in Iraq with Quick Reaction Force. I served from 2002-2006 four active years and four reserve.

Before I joined the military I definitely was a recreational and medical user of cannabis. Cannabis has helped me manage the many residuals of serving in the war, from “PTSD” to chronic pains and mental stability. I also find myself experiencing less anxiety and I get better sleep. I believe so much in this plant that as a full time fitness and wellness professional I personally include cannabis in my client’s nutritional plans.

The problems that I face as a veteran trying to obtain cannabis that I am still in a state that is not legal. I would tell those who are blindly anti-marijuana to do your research and dig deeper into why systems have been created to portray a negative picture about the healing benefits of cannabis.

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