Letter from the Editor Issue 54

Letter from the Editor Issue 54

Greetings my friends,
April 20th will soon be here and that’s 4:20, The Highest of the Cannabis High Holidaze. There are always so many different things to do, choose wisely and don’t overdo it. Our list this month is The Top 7 Ways to Celebrate 4:20 and we have some great suggestions, including an infused dinner party. If that’s the route you go then we’ve got you covered with some delicious cannabis recipes supplied by Hawaii’s Chef Dan.

Trailer Park Boys is now a cartoon on Netflix and they have an episode that seems heavily inspired by a story we once published, so be sure to read what we have to say about “Space Weed” and see if you think we’re onto something. Crix Lee reviewed Aidy Bryant’s new show on Hulu, “Shrill”. It’s a great show and it’s nice to see Aidy Bryant taking center stage in such a unique project. We’ve got some new product reviews as well as some product news, and details about CBD Jelly Beans and new brands from Seth Rogen and Charlie Sheen. Poop is being found in the cannabis and hash bought on the streets of Madrid and the New Jersey K-9 units are being retrained to “not” sniff for marijuana. The newest Marvel movie, “Avengers: Endgame”, is being released on April 26th and there’s 60 hours of movies to marathon in preparation. If you commit to this mission on your couch, make sure you’re well stocked and supplied with the proper cannabis.

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose. And of course, have a wonderful 4:20.

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore

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