Oklahoma CannaCon B2B Event Recap

OKC CannaCon Event Recap 1 - Edibles Magazine Feature

This past September, the cannabis industry had a brief return to somewhat normalcy when CannaCon hosted their Oklahoma cannabis expo in Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center. 

OKC CannaCon Event Recap 4 - Edibles Magazine Feature

Booths were placed further away from each other than usual, with no booths adjacent to each other but some placed back to back. It was a socially distanced event, everyone was wearing masks/face covering, and hand sanitizer was provided at the entrance.

While it felt a little hard to completely socially distance at an event with hundreds and hundreds of people, it didn’t feel unsafe, and most people tried to keep their distance if they saw you coming through their path. 

OKC CannaCon Event Recap 2 - Edibles Magazine Feature

For the last several years, being the Publisher and Founder of Edibles Magazine™, our team became accustomed to traveling every month attending, exhibiting or speaking at cannabis events at least 40 different times every single year. When COVID-19 hit and brought a complete halt to all in-person events everywhere, we hadn’t attended any event in over 6 months.

It felt extremely refreshing to get a taste of normalcy in our industry. Even though cannabis had been declared an “essential business” nationwide, meeting companies and people in-person at conventions and expos was always the best way to network. With every single event from March-September postponed or cancelled it was beginning to feel like things were never going to return to normal. Although, it wasn’t “normal” as it was the first event I’ve ever been to where every single person was wearing a mask because they were required to do so. 

OKC CannaCon Event Recap 3 - Edibles Magazine Feature

There were over 100+ booths, featuring local cannabis infused brands, edible companies, grow equipment, trimmers, nutrient companies, grow supply stores, machinery and more. There was even a company that sells a machine to zap your cannabis with ozone to remediate out mold or microbials. For those that can’t afford the pricey 5 figure machine, they also offer a local Oklahoma service and will come and execute the process onsite for you. 

Check out the photos section of our website to view a complete photo story recap of OKC CannaCon. 

B. Le Grand

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