Red Bud Elixirs SAP Concentrate

Edibles Magazine Reviews Red Bud Elixirs Sap

Jack Paradise

Red Bud Elixirs makes a lot of great products. We’ve reviewed their cartridges and gummies, and now we’re telling you about their Sap. It can be used in a similar way to RSO and is strain specific because they use the native cannabis terpenes that are reintroduced post processing. This high quality, activated concentrate comes in a “Twist-spenser.” This helps you be able to twist the concentrate out of a fine point dispenser into a rig banger, a wrap, or on top of a bowl or the outside of a pre roll. Since the sap is activated, you can add it to your favorite food, drink, or even directly onto or under your tongue. 

Full spectrum extract is a cannabis concentrate that captures all of the compounds of the raw cannabis plant at the moment that it was processed without the lipids and fats. A fine tip dispenser point comes out from under the tube and attaches onto the end of the Twist-spenser allowing for simple, precision application. It’s very handy. 

We decided to dab it and put it onto the outside of a blunt we made with a blueberry hemp cone. Both methods were great successes and the applicator made it incredibly easy to use without any sticky spill or mess. We got super stoned and watched the new Dune movie on a giant television with surround sound and it was outstanding. Mellow, stimulating and very clean tasting. Also very easy and discreet to transport. 

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