Captain Kirk’s Tomato Soup 150mg

Edibles Magazine Reviews Captain Kirk Tomato Solar Soup

I love tomato soup. Like crazy love. When I had braces that was my go-to snack after any ortho appointments. The warmth and thickness made those sore gums feel so good. Boy do I wish the Captain Kirk’s Edibles 150mg Solar Tomato Soup had been around back then! Being a powdered variety my skepticism was raised but you should always be down to try new things. 

This cannabis infused freeze dried soup is absolutely amazing and very unique. Savory edibles are hard to find and usually questionable if they’re good. I haven’t seen another cannabis infused soup in any marijuana market, let alone Oklahoma. Captain Kirk’s Edibles also offers a Butternut Squash flavor. I can’t wait to try that one! Even better, if you’re into doomsday prepping, this product is the holy grail. It never spoils, and has a 10-year shelf life. 

I was very happy with the taste and beyond satisfied with the medication. I tried it straight from the can and true to directions on the side for the first time. It mixes up quickly and easily as you add just 1 cup of hot water. Next time I’m dressing it up with sour cream or crema with a garlic butter I make. In the future I’ll likely use it for a gazpacho base, add to marinades, salsas and dips. Just like space, the uses for this amazing medicated freeze dried powder are endless and yours to explore. And it’s only 17 calories!

Medicating by way of soup is dually healing, giving you the warm comfort in your belly in addition to the cannabis dose you need. Light weights beware, 150mg all at once might be too much. On the flip side, if you have a high tolerance, 150mg in one soup snack may be the perfect dose for you. Look them up on Weedmaps to find some Captain Kirk’s soup near you. 

By Juniper Martaczech

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