Company Highlight: Pure Ratios

Company Highlight: Pure Ratios

Pure Ratios was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur, William Conner (Billy), who was inspired by the impact of cannabis-based remedies, but strongly concerned with the lack of accurate dosing available in the existing products on the market. To fill this void, an equally enthused group of natural, herbal, and pharmaceutical experts joined forces to address the challenges of delivering effective, consistent dosing. Two of the product developers, Chad Conner and Hind Conner, have Master of Science Degrees in Oriental Medicine, and are 16-year therapeutic practitioners with extensive knowledge of how the body works and how to create balance. Their experience is met with Pure Ratios’ Chief Science Officer, Frank Kochinke PhD, who has over 30 years of experience in developing patented advanced drug delivery systems.

Pure Ratios has chosen to develop patented proprietary cannabis-based products that are supported by both natural medicine techniques and extensive scientific research. The mission is to provide a more efficient delivery of cannabinoids throughout the body with consistent dosing. To do this, a reservoir patch has been developed that allows for transmission of cannabinol aids for up to 3 to 4 days, as well as patented fast-acting lozenges that allows for buccal and sublingual delivery of cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream, and PR has also developed a unique vape. In Chinese medicine you would never give Cannabis by itself. There are over 400 herbs in Chinese medicine and Cannabis is considered one of the top 15 supreme herbs. The way you use it is by combining it with other herbs to both synergize and protect the body while giving a direction to your formalization. The company worked with a PhD pharmacologist that works with aromatherapy and essential oils, which are full plant extracts of terpenes. With his help, a unique aromatherapy blend was created that both protects the body, and gives the direction needed to help with inflammation and pain.

The Mission of Pure Ratios is to not go through the traditional edible routes, since our digestive system and liver metabolism makes it difficult from person to person to know the absorption of the ratio of cannabinoids into the system. Every product has been developed to get directly into either the bloodstream or the superficial tissues to create optimal dosing and absorption. True to the name, Pure Ratios’ products are free of artificial additives and enhanced by herbal components that have been proven in Natural medicine to both protect the body and provide therapeutic direction to the formulation. Today, Pure Ratios offers a full line of Cannabis based THC and CBD products that are blended with essential oils and natural herbs to work synergistically to create overall wellness for the body.

Pure Ratios is a family of products which can be used separately or together to provide long-lasting yet fast-acting relief. For example; using a patch and a vape or lozenges to achieve the desired dosage. Our products provide a solution as the endocannabinoid system becomes down-regulated over time. The vape and lozenges allow the patient to bypass the liver and digestive tract to get effects within minutes. The lungs and mouth provide a medium for fast absorption while the patch provides a long-lasting base-line dosage, and together they create synergy. For more information on the company mission and product line, visit

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