Edibles Review: Stardust by Ed Rosenthal

The innovation of Master Grower Ed Rosenthal has come forth with an exciting new edible. Stardust is a powdered THC in 15 mg packets. Stabilized with nitrogen to remain fresh for over a year, the THC powder can be mixed in most any food or drink. Coffee and tea are the most convenient items for infusion, and that is what the packaging suggests. There is not a specific flavor or taste to the Stardust, so sprinkle, mix, or blend it as you wish.

Ed wanted to make edible infusion simple and easy for everyone to enjoy and he has achieved his goal. I tried it with a fruit smoothie and it took about 30 minutes for the effects to take place with an enjoyable level of infusion. I also had it sprinkled on a cheese pizza while spending time with Ed at his home in the Oakland area. The Stardust powders were so easy to use, sprinkle, and appreciate, for the effectiveness of the product as well as the ease of the application. The retail price will be at close to $5 pre-packet and they do have a case package with a number of individual packets available to keep you on top of things. A big plus with Stardust is the travel aspect, you’ll be able to pack and go with your Stardust tucked away in the secret places. So when you’d like to make it easy with a clean, well tested product that will mix with most anything, use Stardust!

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