Happy Channukah! Smoke Marijuannakah!

Happy Channukah! Smoke Marijuannakah!

Tables covered in infused chocolates and brownies. A make-your-own infused ice cream sundae bar. Medicated latkes. Make your own s’mores with infused chocolate. A joint rolling lesson booth. A dab station. Each guest was greeted with a pre rolled joint that volunteers painstakingly rolled the night before. For those with special VIP tickets, there were beautiful goody bags filled with joints, vape cartridges, lighters, edibles and other fun little gifts. There was no lack of yummy treats and activities at Mitzva Herbal’s Channukah party that took place at Hitman Coffee in West Hollywood, California this December. But the crown jewel of them all was the infuse your own donuts station. Guests were provided with delicious plain donut holes that they could infuse with medicated jelly, chocolate or vanilla pastry cream via a giant syringe! Partygoers gleefully filled their donuts while Instagramming and Facebooking their creations. People milled about taking in the beautiful artwork that was displayed around the space, while laughing and eating in merriment.

Rabbi Mayer Shmukler led a candle lighting ceremony and gave a little lesson on Channukah. The founders of Mitzva Herbal, Shifra and Alex Klein, shared with guests how medical cannabis helped them medicate their own children after traditional pharmaceuticals failed. Channukah is a holiday of miracles after all and cannabis has truly been a miracle for their family as well as countless others. The partygoers were a delightful, diverse mix of people and no one looked out of place. It was an evening of Jewish celebration of light and it was definitely LIT! Their next event will be in honor of Purim, a Jewish holiday in March that commemorates the saving of the Jews from Haman, who had planned to kill all the Jewish people in Persia. It’s celebrated by dressing up in costumes like we do on Halloween, and partying all night long! So the Purim soiree is definitely going to be one not to miss! And I definitely smell Infused Hamentaschen!

Visit www.mitzvaherbal.com for more info!

By Rakefet Abergel

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