Heavenly Sweet Cheese Cracker Snacks

Heavenly Sweet Cheese Cracker Snacks

Cheesy square crackers are my real life go-to snack when I’m craving something salty and savory. It’s something about the cheesy crunch and salt blend as it melts into your taste buds that get me every single time. Then I get a review that made me smile from ear to ear because it was from Heavenly Sweets, and it was of their 50 mg Cheese Crackers. I couldn’t tear open the package fast enough. I placed a single cracker in the center of my tongue because I wanted to get comparison out of the way before I went all it.

It was so hard for me to believe that this was a medicated cracker. I kept waiting and waiting but all I got was the consistent taste I get from a different brand that I buy at the grocery store. I truly tried to save myself some of the cheesy goodness and after several handfuls knew that the entire bag was a goner. I decided to then test the high, so I sat back and waited for the THC portion to kick in. Again I was surprised because the high was gradual and consistent. I know for sure I was mellow for a strong two hours.

There was no nasty aftertaste in my mouth, and I guarantee if I poured this in a regular bag of cheese crackers you honestly would not know the difference. This is a great way to medicate that can be easily disguised if you need to be discreet. Make sure you grab some or demand that your nearest dispensary get some today.

Check them out at www.heavenlysweet.com


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