How to Consume CBD Edibles as a Beginner

Chocolate CBD Edibles

Since cannabis has shed much of its negative social stigma and people are becoming more aware of the essential health benefits of the herb through intake methods such as CBD chocolate and CBD oil, which have found their way into people’s meals and snacks. 

Now, you’ll find more people mixing some CBD chocolate in their brownie and cookie batter. In other words, cannabis-infused meals, beverages, and snacks have become the latest norm. If you visit markets and online stores, you will find many CBD edible options, including cakes, gummy bears, and lollipops. Understandably, smoking certain strains of cannabis remains one of the most popular methods to consume CBD; a new consumer market is emerging that prefers CBD edibles instead. Depending on which state you live in, it may be legal to consume cannabis to enjoy its health benefits, but also for the purpose of getting “high.” Consequently, some people who steered clear of cannabis a few years ago may now be tempted to try out this herb, especially the CBD edibles, for the first time.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you are at the right place. Think of this as a brief beginner guide as we walk you through how to safely consume and try CBD edibles for the first time. 

A General Overview

 Also known as “medibles,” CBD edibles can be quite interesting and tasty given the fact that these are available in a wide range of varieties, such as CBD brownies, gummies, beverages, chocolates, and even cooking oils. Whatever food item you choose, all of them contain a certain percentage of “activated” CBD. As a newbie, you should know the difference between inhaling CBD and ingesting CBD. Both induce different experiences, and usually, CBD edibles are more potent than inhaling CBD. The potency of CBD edibles can be quite surprising to newbie CBD consumers. While CBD edibles are safe to consume as these aren’t harmful like alcohol or other intoxicating substances, it is crucial to start one’s CBD journey with smaller doses and gradually work one’s way up to higher amounts after the body has developed a solid tolerance level for the herb.

How do CBD-Infused Edibles Affect the Body?

It doesn’t matter whether you smoke or eat CBD; it all comes down to how one’s body reacts to the CBD strains and how long it takes for it to kick in and produce the stress and pain alleviating effections. You should note that the experience of CBD is different for each person, including the intensity and duration. The thing about smoking CBD is that the lungs accelerate the absorption process of the chemical, which is why these go straight to the body’s bloodstream, and the consumer is more likely to feel the effects kicking in within about ten minutes. CBD-infused edibles, on the other hand, are time-consuming. In other words, the body takes its time to digest and absorb the chemical. First, the edibles are digested in the stomach before the liver breaks down the CBD of the herb, and only then do the compounds enter the bloodstream. The entire process can take up to two hours before the beginner can feel the complete impact of the herb. 

Nonetheless, the complete impact of the CBD compounds also depends on the consumer, and as mentioned before, the impact differs from one person to another. Someone weighing 120lbs and having gone without food the entire day is more likely to feel the impact of edibles stronger and quicker than a person who weighs more and recently had a giant meal for lunch. Other factors that play a crucial role in feeling the impact of the herb include a person’s tolerance level and metabolism. Some people might require 100mg of CBD; whereas, others are all good with 10mg. Another thing that affects the consumer’s experience is the type of CBD edibles a person consumes. For instance, it has been analyzed that CBD-infused beverages and CBD oil drops are digested and absorbed in the bloodstream more quickly than CBD-infused sugary edibles, such as brownies, cookies, and other baked goods. If you want to experience a CBD-induced impact that lasts longer, we recommend consuming CBD edibles instead of vaping or smoking a CBD strain.

Final Thoughts

Compared to vaping and smoking CBD, edibles are also a discreet way of consuming the herb and gaining loads of health benefits. Additionally, the edibles will also ensure that you don’t raise complaints from by-passers and annoying neighbors. Once you have fully understood how CBD-infused edibles affect your body and how your body responds to it, the edibles are a reliable option for both its recreational use and, of course, medical use. 

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