King Chameleon’s Take and Bake Cannabis Brownie Mix

My girlfriend recently started using cannabis again after a long hiatus, and a lot has changed in the cannabis landscape since her days of blunts and dime bags (though she still rolls a blunt like a pro–it’s just like riding a bike, apparently.) She’s always had a sizable sweet tooth, so the smorgasbord of tasty treats on the market these days has been a delightful revelation.

Enter King Chameleons home-baked medicated edibles: There are thousands of choices when it comes to pre-packaged, pre-made infused treats, but very few that offer the Papa Murphy’s take and bake model. I love getting all June Cleaver for my partner now and then and pretending to be a perfect 1950’s archetype of feminine domesticity, but in between radical politics and subversive art creation, who has the time? King Chameleons’ medicated brownies and cookies take all the guesswork out of making your own stoney baked goods at home, filling your kitchen with the comforting smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies or brownies that emerge hot from the oven, ready to be paired with ice cream or a frosty cup of holiday eggnog, and allowing me to impress my girlfriend who loves infused sweets. The chocolate cookies pack contains 600 mg of THC per bag, while the brownies have just a smidge more at 700mg. All one needs is a baking pan, a mixing bowl and spoon, and a couple of eggs to get the party started. In less than 30 minutes of sweet smelling magic time, you’ll have a pan of fresh edible treats that you can custom dose to your comfort level and THC tolerance. The best part? The President of King Chameleon treats is a bad ass babe, Camille Van Patten, and she’s mobilized a bevy of gorgeous smokes-models to endorse the product. From tatted up alt models, including several well known Suicide Girls, to Los Angeles fitness models–beautiful women are behind this innovative product.

A few tips for the first time baker: try to resist the temptation to lick the pan. For one, the weed taste is very strong before the batter fully bakes, so you may not enjoy the experience. Also: raw eggs can give you salmonella! And don’t forget the most important part of the experience, as President Van Patten says, remember to enjoy getting royally baked!

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