Koko Nuggz Cocoa Cereal Treats 250mg

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Koko Nuggz have some sweet new edibles from the makers of Packwoods that are delicious, potent, and fun. These cocoa covered cereal treats are a novelty and look like actual cannabis buds, but they’re not, they’re edibles. There are 10 edible nugs per jar and each one is 25mg of THC, making every jar 250mg of THC total. These cereal treats come in a variety of flavors, some even endorsed by some of your favorite celebrity stoners. 

Model and television personality, Amber Rose, has her own flavor of Koko Nuggz called “Unicorn Nuggz” and they’re birthday cake flavored. Other flavors include: Kushberry, Cookies and Cream, and Peanut Butter. The Peanut Butter Nuggz are endorsed by Grammy award winning record producer Scott Storch. Each resealable, high quality jar contains 60 grams of Nuggz inside. Koko Nuggz are gluten free because they’re made from crispy rice cereal. At 25mg of THC per treat, they’re relatively potent so you’re going to want to pace yourself. An entire jar in one sitting might be too much for some consumers but other people can handle 250mg without much trouble. It’s important to know your dose and go slowly as you learn how each edible affects you. 

We got very high after eating these and went to the Gathering Place to enjoy one of the first warm and sunny days of the season. They came on slow and steady but hit with some power once the medicine set in and the feeling was perfect for an afternoon spent chilling outside at the park. 

Follow them on Instagram @Kokonuggzthc and check out their website at kokonuggz.com.

By Tommy Knowledge

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