Marijuana Justice Act of 2017 to Reschedule Cannabis in the United States

Hurray for New Jersey Senator Cory Booker who recently presented the “Marijuana Justice Act of 2017,” a measure that, if passed, would destroy federal cannabis prohibition as we know it. This would completely remove cannabis from the Federal Controlled Substances Act, ending prohibition on the federal level and de-scheduling. This would then allow states to decide their own cannabis policy, free from federal interference or oversight. It would also cut federal funding to states that disproportionately arrest and/or incarcerate low-income individuals and/or people of color for cannabis offenses, as well as give those who have been convicted of cannabis offenses recourse at the federal level.

Booker is quoted as saying “You see what’s happening around this country right now. Eights states and the District of Columbia have moved to legalize marijuana. And these states are seeing decreases in violent crime in their states.” On a Live Facebook session Booker also shared, “They’re seeing increases in revenue to their states. They’re seeing their police forces being able to focus on serious crime. They’re seeing positive things come out of that experience.” All of this is exciting news for us here at Edibles List Magazine as we are slowly moving towards the end of prohibition throughout the country, finally!

The federal law of being a “Schedule 1 Drug” has been a contention for years as we are seeing and learning more and more how the community impact and socialization is demanding a change on the status of cannabis laws. So many of our states have held back on moving forward because they didn’t want to be on the feds negative radar for being renegade states. But with each medical and recreational state supporting the legalization, Booker sees that we need to join together as we work to legalize cannabis. With this we need to highlight the medical needs of patients who suffered the most under prohibition and are the same people who should benefit the most under legalization.

With the press generating a lot of interest and discussion about the nature of prohibition and the effects it has on millions of people across the country, we need to keep the awareness alive. This will assist in more people to look into the issues and maybe even lead some people to be more active in the legalization community in a positive manner. It’s time to rectify a lot of things when it comes to cannabis use in the United States. We hope that this will be the start of Booker’s chance to change the tide of restrictions and soon the Federal issues of cannabis use will be a thing of the past! Thank you Senator Cory Booker, may you know how your efforts are appreciated and that we hope to envision a day where every state in our nation has access to cannabis whether it be for medical or recreational use.

On another note, let’s see how long it will be that they are utilizing a slang term for cannabis. It took the State of California to officially change it to cannabis from marijuana almost 20 years since it was listed as a medical substance. As long as we de-schedulize it I’m happy to call it anything you want, US Government!

Keiko Beatie

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