To Whom It May Chocolates

To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates produced by The Art of Edibles Collective are handcrafted truffles and boozy bonbons, and are truly bringing another level of elegance into the cannabis industry! To say these are gourmet chocolates is an understatement. When you first see the packaging you are drawn to it, much like a stunning piece of art. Their brand identity and packaging were designed to ease the stigma around cannabis products and shy away the classic “stoner” lifestyle by presenting them in a very sophisticated, artful and approachable way.

The Art of Edibles developed a signature hand-pressing process that never involves butane, chemicals or heavy machinery in order to create our cannabis oil. Organic cannabis flowers are pressed with organic coconut oil, which is then distilled twice for maximum purity and flavor, and finally, mixed with the remaining ingredients. The finished products are some of the best chocolates (both infused and non-infused) I have ever tasted.

To Whom It May honors the holistic and healthful intent of medicinal cannabis by only using premium ingredients and organic options whenever possible. Their chocolates contain no dairy, no gluten, no refined sugars, no soy and no lecithin or any other emulsifiers.

One of the most important points to note about this company is their dosing and distribution channels are different than what we are used to. The owner explained that he created To Whom It May Chocolates after researching the cannabis industry and noticed there was a gap in the market for edibles promoting sensible & tiered dosing, delicious & health-conscious options and edibles that change the stigma and non-judgment.

To Whom It May offers the widest range of dosages available in the U.S. including four distinct dosages: 2 ½mg, 5mg, 15mg and 45mg. This tiered dosing approach allows a patient with any tolerance and to medicate the way they see fit.. Although in places like Colorado and Washington the suggested dosage is 10mg; unfortunately, for some that is still too much THC. Within a single box you can gradually build your tolerance, you could start with the 2 ½mg chocolate and work your way up gradually to the 45mg.

This company offers a unique buying experience. Along with the four dosages, they offer four flavors and three different box sets of: four, eight and twenty-four. In the box of four you get one flavor with all four dosages. The eight piece set you receive one flavor and two of each dosage. The twenty-four-piece box includes one of each dosage, in every flavor, plus two non-medicated pieces of chocolate as a bonus.

Unlike most companies in the industry, To Whom It May is exclusively distributed through their own delivery collective, The Art of Edibles, specializes solely in edibles, as the culinary arts is their specialty. This means a patient can purchase the product directly through The Art of Edibles instead of having to track the product down to various shops in LA that may or may not currently have stock. Instead a Los Angeles based patient can go directly to www.theartofedibles.com to sign up with their collective and have chocolates delivered straight to them.

To Whom It May is a sophisticated edibles brand; it is also a state of mind, free of tasteless judgment about how people incorporate cannabis into their lives. They aim to provide a meticulously measured and irresistibly delicious edible experience so that people feel empowered to express themselves fully as they are, and to use cannabis as a tool for engaging even more meaningfully in the world around them.

If interested in more information about becoming a member of The Art of Edibles Collective check out www.theartofedibles.com and to learn about To Whom It May Chocolates go to www.towhomitmaychocolates.com
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