Mystery Baking Co. 100mg Brownie

Mystery Baking Co. 100mg Brownie

The Mystery Baking Company Edibles Cannabis Brownie comes in a slick silver outer packaging, and when you break it open, a beautifully wrapped brownie awaits you. This brownie itself looks like it could have been taken out of your 5th grade lunchbox, which makes it the perfect brownie to put in your adult lunch box. The back of the silver outer package has a huge 100 MG sticker, so there is no doubt as to how much THC you’re holding. It’s a brownie that tastes like a brownie; a far cry from the homemade pot brownies of yesteryear, which tasted like you were eating a cannabis sandwich on cannabis bread dipped in cannabis sauce. Remember those? Oy. MBCO Edibles Cannabis Brownie has no strong weed flavor, no frosting, and no shenanigans. With a light crunch on the outside and a soft middle, this chews like any classic confectionery treat. You are on your own to divvy up the 100 mg as you will of this amply sized edible, and I found that my guesstimate got me exactly where I needed: Relaxed and calm, while still engaged with my surroundings and carrying on conversations with friends. The high was both light and creative while I was wanting to be active, and able to transition to night time, when I wanted to watch Coach Snoop and eventually count some sheep. Your preferred dosage of an MBCO Edibles Cannabis Brownie paired with a cup of coffee is an excellent afternoon pick me up. If you’re into this sort of thing, take it before going to the gym and watch it boost you up while you’re working out, and then relax you while you’re in the sauna. I recommend this brownie to anyone looking for an edible treat that is comforting, cozy, tasty, and versatile.

Hughie Stone Fish

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