Mystery Baking Co. Strawberry and Grape Jelly

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I love eating edibles. There I said it. I honestly can’t wait until the day where we have large supermarkets and grocery stores full of cannabis related edibles. Until then I will just have to settle for writing these reviews on unique products like the ones Mystery Baking Company has with their grape and strawberry jelly. These indica dominated 4 oz. 300 mg jars pack amazing flavor and is extremely reminiscent of the same jams and jelly’s you’re used to from the grocery store.

I personally could not decide which jam I wanted so I toasted a bagel and generously slathered peanut butter on one side, and then half and half of the jelly’s on the other. The first bite was the grape jelly side and it had a stronger binding THC taste to it. Then I tried the strawberry jelly and I wondered where it had been this entire time.

I wanted to put it in everything, and I did. I put it in my morning smoothie for an added kick, and I made a sauce with it using honey, teriyaki, and soy sauce. The sweetness reduced the sour tanginess, and after like 45 minutes I was in the best mood ever. Now I put it on Naan bread, sandwiches, and more. I definitely suggest their strawberry jelly, and they have an assortment of other products as well that would be great to add to any adult party. The lab testing along with quality labeling and packaging is the piece de résistance that makes them one of our favorite cannabis companies. Make sure you tell your local dispensary to order their products.


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