Mystery Baking Company Cannabis Infused Sour Sweet Fruit Gummies

Mystery Baking Company Cannabis Infused Sour Sweet Fruit Gummies

Mystery Baking Company Cannabis Infused Sour Sweet Fruit Gummies were a wonderful treat that delivered a nice mild high and tasted great. They come in a vibrant pink pouch with pictures of all the flavors – grapefruit, pineapple, lime, lemon and oranges/tangerine on the front, with accurate pictures of their gummy counterparts behind. The packaging is as fun as the gummies.

At 10mg per gummy, figuring out your dosage is very easy and with each gummy only being 10 calories, there is very little guilt in indulging in a handful. Though I smoke nearly every day, 35mg is usually my go to amount of thc when I am ingesting cannabis. I found that for these Sour Sweet Fruit Gummies, 50mg, or 5 gummies, was the perfect dose. The high crept up on me at a gentle gate and stayed to keep me relaxed but still alert enough to play piano in a recording session for a few hours. I definitely think I could have thrown a few more in the mix and felt great, but five gummies had me feeling perfect.

I generally start low in my dosage and work my way up when trying a new edible and I was grateful to the Mystery Baking Company that they made it so easy.

I also found the high to be calming and not overpowering, so I feel confident that if I had taken too many gummies, it would not have sent me to bed, or worse, to that place we all fear when ingesting cannabis but so few of us actually get to – the ‘freak out zone’ where you think you need to call the ambulance but really you just need a tall glass of water and a tub of ice cream.

You can find out more about the Mystery Baking Company at and follow them at @mysterybaking.

Hughie Stonefish

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