Product Review: W Vapes Dabs


W Dabs are the new line of 100% pure Co2 concentrates being produced by W Vapes. Like the oil in their vape cartridges, W Dabs are all natural, and extracted from top shelf, strain specific organic flower with zero pesticides, and no added flavoring or chemicals. The original terpenes are reintroduced in the post processing to make sure the taste and effects are well preserved.

We had the opportunity to taste test the Sour Tangie W Dabs and the experience was absolutely outstanding. The notes and undertones of the fruity and sour citrus were clearly there and very delicious. We used the versatile concentrate to line the interior of a blunt, and coated the outside of a hand rolled joint too. Both smokes were transformed into powerful and extremely smooth cannabis oil delivery systems. Next we did actual dabs on an e-nail and glass vaporizer rig and spent some extended time afterward laying on the floor discussing how wonderful we felt and how much we love W Dabs. You can also just spread it on to bud and pack it into a bowl. This stuff goes far and it doesn’t take much before you feel fully medicated and highly elevated. The Sour Tangies is 62% THC and your body and mind will both feel and greatly appreciate every last percent! You can even use this product for infusing food or topicals.

The packaging is very convenient, subtle, and easy to travel with. Each 1 gram unit comes in a small glass jar with an airtight non-stick silicone lid colored and labeled to make life easier: yellow-sativa, blue-indica, and green-hybrid. Each W Dab also comes with a handy reusable dabber tool making dab-application totally painless. You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to using this medicine and they all work great. W Dabs are potent, clean, and flavorful, and different from concentrates you’ve used before. It’s not wax, shatter, or crumble – it’s something new – strong, smooth, and tasty. I personally think W Dabs looks like beautiful golden tree sap.

W Dabs are available in collectives throughout California, and soon to be in Oregon and Nevada as well. Go to for more information, pace yourself, and always medicate well.

Patrick Ian Moore

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