Q & A with Dr. Mike: What is the Future of Edibles?

Q & A with Dr. Mike: What is the Future of Edibles?

Q: What’s the problem with edibles today?
A: They take too long: Most edibles take 1-2 hours to kick in.
They are improperly dosed: Making an edible with accurate milligram dosing requires established quality control and testing procedures. This can be an expensive and a time consuming process, many small companies cannot afford this, or take shortcuts to save money and time.

Q: Are they going to come out with edibles that work faster?
A: Yes. “Nano” cannabis is going to make edibles work in 20 to 30 minutes.

Q: What is “Nano” cannabis?
A: “Nano” cannabis is cannabis oil broken down into extremely small droplets that absorb into your body in a fraction of the time. They also make cannabis more effective, absorbing 2-4 times more into your bloodstream.

Q: How can edibles be made more consistent?
A: Products can be infused with hash, rick simpson oil, BHO, CO2 oils, rosin, flowers, etc. These all have variations in content depending on the starting material and processing. As cannabis science advances, these oils can be separated into their individual components with high purity. This way edibles can be made with any combination of active ingredients at a high degree of accuracy.

Q: What if I don’t want edibles with processed oil, I want my cannabis to be natural?

A: Edibles can still be made using natural extractions like ice water hash and rosin. It is just more work for companies to control their starting material. In the end this will be similar to having a craft beer instead of a domestic beer.

Q: Are they going to come out with edibles for things like arousal, anxiety, energy, insomnia, etc.?
A: It is only a matter of time until edibles take advantage of different cannabinoid and terpene profiles for specific and desired effects. Before then, experts need to identify the right blend of cannabinoids/terpenes that elicit desired effects. Then they need to make sure this blend does what it is supposed to in your body.

Q: What will edible dosing look like in the future?

A: There is a strong trend toward microdosing. Several companies are coming out with products that are 2-5mg of cannabinoids per serving instead of the 1000mg brownies of the past.

Q: Why microdosing?
A: It is safer and easier to control. The effects of cannabis become much more predictable and enjoyable if you know the exact dosage you need. Microdosing allows you to hit this sweet spot within a couple of milligrams.

Q: Dr. Mike what is the worst experience you have had with an edible?
A: The first time I ate edibles was pretty wild. I ate a tray of homemade brownies because I was a “newb” and thought they didn’t work. What started as an evening watching “Apocalypse Now” turned into a psychedelic trip 2 hours later. At one point I was crouching on the ground terrified of the Vietnam warzone that had to become my reality. Needless to say I slept the entire next day…lesson learned, microdosing.

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