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Sow Eden: Ginger Snaps, Capsules, CO2 Oil, Tinctures

Sow Eden. Ginger Snaps, Capsules, CO2 Oil, Tinctures

“Based out of southern California, Sow Eden Organics strives to educate the masses on the benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) and whole-plant cannabis medicine.”

We tasted, tested and reviewed a few of the outstanding products from Sow Eden and couldn’t be happier with the results.

First up: Premium CBD Infused Ginger Snaps.

The Sow Eden CBD Ginger Snaps are amazingly good and seriously some of the best ginger snaps any of us had ever had. The ingredients are organic and sweetened with Blackstrap Molasses. Each cookie is 10mg of full flower CBD and each 2 ounce bag contains six cookies. That’s 60mg total with only 3mg of THC per entire bag making the cannabinoid ratio 20:1. Perfect for pain relief and very delicious.

Second we’ve got: Sow Eden Gel Capsules.
Sow Eden’s gel caps are available in CBD or in a THC/CBD 1:1 ratio and made using a proprietary process that boosts the bio-availability of CBD. There are Ten 10mg gelatin capsules per bottle making it a 100mg total of Full Spectrum CBD plus the terpenes and each 1:1 THC/CBD gel capsule contains 10mg Cannabidiol and 10mg Tetrahydrocannabinol along with a few other minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBDV. The carrier oil used to make the capsules is organic virgin coconut oil. When the capsules are kept below 76 degrees, the coconut oil solidifies. At temperatures warmer than 76 degrees, the coconut oil begins to melt and liquefy. Both products are great for pain management and relief from stress, but we did find the 1:1 caps to be more effective for serious aches and pains.

Next is the: Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1 Gram Syringe.
100% natural, fungus and pesticide free. Each sterile syringe contains over 750mg of full spectrum CBD. This super-critical CO2 extracted High Potency CBD Syringe makes it easy to dispense and dose medicinal oil. No fillers like glycerin or propylene glycol are ever used and no re-introduced terpenes are added.The oil in these syringes is high in terpenes and vitamins, smells and tastes like honey and pine sap, and is sugar and gluten free. These are available in 1 gram size syringes and are always lab tested to ensure quality and potency. This concentrated CBD oil can be taken orally as a sublingual held under the tongue, added to your favorite food or hot beverage or you can vaporize it. It’s even safe for pets.

Lastly comes: The Sow Eden CBD Elixir.
Each half ounce bottle of pain relieving CBD Elixir contains about 15 total servings and 150mg of Full Spectrum CBD with 7mg of THC and includes a glass eye dropper that makes this tincture incredibly easy to dose and dispense. The elixir contains 100% organic fractionated coconut oil flavored with 5 different therapeutic grade certified organic essential oils including: original/unflavored, orange, lemon, peppermint and cinnamon-turmeric. It is also a pet friendly product. Check them out at:

Jack Paradise

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