Stoned Sweets

Stoned Sweets

I took a trip down to LA for Kush Stock and ran across Stoned Sweets. They make five flavors of “100 mg THC” gummies; orange, fruit punch, grape, lemon and watermelon. There is one medium silver dollar sized gummy per bag, which can be resealed. Their packaging doesn’t say anything about how they came about the 100 mg of THC or if they are lab tested. Although in a child safe bag, it wasn’t sealed. They are vegan, gluten free, but mostly made of corn syrup, which I suppose most gummies are.

I choose lemon and it instantly smells refreshing when you open the bag. The color is an enticing yellow orange. With not too much sugar on the outside it looked like a gem in the sun. The smell was sweet with bright citrus. I cut it into four 25 mg pieces and then one of the quarters into four again, so it should have been under 10 mg and I found that dose just fine. Looking at it made me happy and I was more excited to try it after it was out of the packaging. The tasted wasn’t amazing, but I only ate the tiniest piece. I could sense the lemon essential oil in it because the flavor did linger. Not the worst taste for sure and not a super sweet candy.

Since I got the sativa, I decided to eat it before going to the Napa Valley Home and Garden Show. I was fine in this social situation and talking to everyone, I ate it just as we parked. Conversation and engaging will fun after this treat. I ate a little more with some food after an hour. Overall I was in a great mood, my smoking cravings were down, which was excellent because I was at a public event, and my anxiety was low. I felt relaxed and in the end a little tired as it wore off. The high was uplifting and not heavy. I felt a little spacey but overall had a great time trying it.

Darcy Thompson

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