Toasted Jam Co.

Toasted Jam Co.

When I saw the Toasted Jam Co. at the Cannabis Wedding Expo in San Francisco last week, I knew they had something unique and special. I decided to try the Toasted Padron Jam, a green pepper preserve that is savory and smoky. Made in Santa Cruz, vegan and gluten free, the small 2.5 oz jar contains 150 mg THC, with minor amounts of CBD. One serving is a teaspoon and is 10 mg, 15 servings a jar. 10 mg is a good amount for me, no more. One fun fact, they list the actual strain, Sour Diesel Hawaiian Widow, and I’m happy to see that it’s a sativa dominant hybrid that is green farmed, although I don’t really know what that means.

As you open the jar, you instantly smell the smoky earthy peppers, and it was firmer than I expected, unlike their sweet jam variety I also picked up. It isn’t spicy like I thought, but more a warm heat. Not to sweat. I knew I needed to do something interesting with it so I dared to bake it onto a rack of lamb. I cut it into three pieces, two to three bones each, and only infused one for comparison. Thirty-five minutes later, baked at 450 degrees with olive oil, garlic, herbs and the jam of course, I took the meat out to rest and basted it a few times. I could still smell the smokiness.

I bit right into the crispy jam top and the herbs and sweetness, the smoky flavor and lamb were delicious. I would highly recommend trying it. Tangy and salty almost like candy on top, the melted jam was easily the best part. Only on the last bite did I taste a tiny hint of marijuana flavor. Twenty minutes later my dinner was done and I felt some euphoria and a gentle body high. In the end I wish I had infused them all! I feel happy, and little excited and am enjoying the experience. Time to get ready to go out!


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