VCC Brands – Cannabis Quencher

VCC Brands - Cannabis Quencher

This 100mg THC infused Strawberry Lemonade was very refreshing. The taste was tart and sweet with the very slightest taste of cannabis. I enjoyed the flavor but the most refreshing aspect of this drinkable was that it gave me energy. Yes, you heard correctly this drink should have been an energy drink with the amount of focus and alertness I received while drinking. See, today is office moving day, and I was responsible for organizing the inventory room.

Most people would drive to their trusty corner coffee shop, while I reach for my choice of cannabis drinks. My first choice, Cannabis Quencher. I liked that I could drink it in phases and screw the top on when I needed to get back to work. It took me about 3 hours to drink the whole 16 fl. oz. bottle. I know, I know I could hear cannabis pros everywhere mocking me, “3 hours” to finish one drink? Yes, I titrate most of my edibles and drinkables, not everything has to be consumed in one sitting and this is a perfect example. I felt the positive effects after consuming about a 1/3 of this delicious lemonade. Technically you could chug this, it tasted that good, but I’d recommend going slow as I felt the euphoric effects within the first 30 minutes which increased with each portion I guzzled.

These effects lasted about 5 hours after finishing the lemonade, when you titrate you are able to feel the benefits in a more controlled manner and since I was so busy with the move I was able to notice I didn’t need my typical breaks, which means this baby was a strong one.

I was focused and alert and oddly enough my pain and anxiety levels were surprisingly lower than normal. I would say, Cannabis Quencher Lemonade is a drinkable you would want to take to a social event. I would love to have this at a concert or cannabis event where I could party and enjoy the beautiful buzz this drink provides.

Cannabis Quencher is by far my first choice when it comes to choosing a hydrating beverage that also provides energy. I’m pleased to announce as an added bonus they also make sugar free and CBD versions along with so many other delicious flavors I can’t wait to crack open.

Jakki Hernandez

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