White Rabbit High Tea Party Alice Loves Being In Wonderland!

What could be more inviting than to go back in time and experience the adventure of Lewis E. Carroll’s experience of Alice In Wonderland. I went head first down the rabbit hole as I felt like I knew no one and had no inkling of what I was to empiricism at the “White Rabbit High Tea” curated by the lovely Jessica Cole event coordinator. Her goal was to take us to the polite days of sharing tea, conversation and the adventure of savior-faire and infused cannabis worldliness.

This was unlike any other cannabis party or event I had ever had the pleasure to be invited to. I came to the lovely outdoor space in the midst of Hollywood, California and the doors were open to a Mad Tea Party! Mad not as, “angry”, but Mad with fun, laughter and joyful celebration! Guests were dressed with white gloves, hats, elegant attire and smiles galore. They felt the inviting excitement as a long table filled with china tea cups, colorful flowers and an array of fine delicate accessories focused on the Mad Hatter Tea Party in fun urbanity . As the first time I pickup my proper cup of tea my pinky finger stood up and saluted the situation. I had come into the room where the delectable delights had “Eat Me” with Chef extraordinaire Holden Jager and a tray of special un-infused savory bites were being presented.

Jessica Cole had many other edible, smokable items in micro dosed portions to create our infused tea party. Chef Holden had even prepared with love from his own garden a jar of organic honey filled with top flower buds drenched in this golden liquid for over 9 months. Can you imagine flavoring your cup of tea with a spoon full of “Holden Honey”? Or a few drizzles of “Bud Honey”on your biscuit like scones. Each tray of horderves that came out, I sat up like an eager puppy wagging my tail to sniff the air and pant with anticipation. Chef Holden is an artist of culinary talent and I know that White Rabbit High Tea had me playing croquet with a Pink Flamingo! Alice had nothing on me as this was a seasoning of sophistication and frivolity at its finest.

The intimacy that was being created along with the guest who were being treated like, Red Hearted Kings and Queens did transport us for a few brief hours of wonderland. I couldn’t help to have the smile of a Cheshire Cat on my face for the rest of my White Rabbit High Tea experience. Do you have something in your wardrobe of whimsy, white gloves, fun hat, pocket watch and crinkling petticoats? But you’ll have the option as there is a costume box available for you to dig through to drape yourself in finery for just a few hours out of your mundane cannabis life. At least once you’ve immersed yourself into this tea party, you may feel that your life is a bit mundane as compared to your time at “White Rabbit High Tea! Not to fret as a charming Gift Bag accompanied me home and I had sweet dreams of going head first down the rabbit hole once again checking out my new array of some of the finest new cannabis products.

The next White Rabbit High Tea will be held on December 2nd, and February 17th, 2018. If you are interested in attending or learning more about white rabbit high tea inquire at hello@whiterabbithightea.com and come dive head first down the rabbit hole with me!

Keiko Beatie

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