Letter from the Editor – 50th Anniversary Issue

Letter from the Editor - 50th Anniversary Issue

Greetings my friends,

Fall is fully on us now. Halloween is over and the time for an infused Thanksgiving is coming up, and this our 50th issue of Edibles! We’re celebrating by focusing on Visionaries, in art, technology, entertainment and cannabis of course. There’s features on Elon Musk, Kristen Bell, Las Vegas, Malaysia and more. The painting of Elon by artist Richard Bell on the front cover was debuted at the Los Angeles Comic Con this year where we had an Edibles Magazine booth and panel for the second year in a row. We were very honored to be invited back and really want to thank everyone who dropped by our booth to say hi or came to our Cannabis and Pop Culture panel featuring Rob Van Dam and ChaCha Vavoom (of the 420Nurses). It was an amazing time and we saw the most creative costumes you could ever imagine. We also went to Utah Cann which was a bit of a culture shock but we did meet some wonderful people there as well and were able to breathe some incredibly clean mountain air for a few days.

Here in Los Angeles we continue to wait to hear about the decisions on licensing and aren’t sure how long it will be before those companies who’ve applied will be able to be operational and doing business. By the time you read this, voting time will be over so I wonder what will happen. The Fran Drescher Master Class Health Summit we attended in downtown Los Angeles was illuminating. It was a little like listening to Doomsday prophets but everyone was optimistic enough that we were left feeling hopeful but cautious. I’m somewhat terrified of Gluten and Fluoride now and have switched to an all natural citrus toothpaste and a completely wheat-free diet. Fran was really sweet and it was great seeing her flourishing in her element and doing work she’s so passionate about. November means it time for MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas and that’s always a good time.

If you’d like to get a limited edition print of the artwork by Richard Bell on the cover of this month’s issue, it’s available on our website. Tesla is also the stock we’ve highlighted in the Stocked Pots and Pot Stocks section since it gained so much attention after Elon’s blunt smoking adventure on the Joe Rogan Experience. You can also read Richard’s story in this issue, as well as all the great news, reviews and recipes you expect. Speaking of recipes, they’re gluten-free this month, mostly thanks to the Health Summit. Still infused so give them a chance – it’s just an experiment and we hope you enjoy them. If you finish the Canna Crossword in the back, post a pic of the finished puzzle to Instagram and tag us – the first person who does wins an awesome prize.

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore

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