Samuel Grosso Veteran in Cannabis

Hello world! My name is Samuel Grosso I was in the United States Marine Corps. I joined because I was always on a team, in a club, or volunteering doing my part to serve my local community as a child and teen. My parents raised my siblings and myself to work hard and take responsibility. My older brother enlisted in the Marines a year before me. My sister joined the Army 5 years later and is still serving. I was also taught that I owed and had to take responsibility for not only my actions, but also the actions of my community at large. I enlisted because I believe in my commitment to my community and my country.

I went in from Aug 2005 to 2009 and I completed two combat tours in Iraq. The first tour was in 2006-2007, and then another in 2008. Operating, out of Fallujah and greater Al Anbar providence operating as far as the Syrian border. I was a combat engineer and built the battlefield in Iraq (roads, bridges, FOB/forward observation post, ECP/entry control point). Also, worked in support of the Iraqi Army and Iraq Police with the Quick Reaction Force. Improving living conditions like power, shelter, and water.

Before I joined the military I was not a cannabis consumer. I didn’t need it then because I was very happy and healthy. I identified as an athlete growing up and was not apart of the culture. However, I was around cannabis all the time as a young teen, and didn’t judge my friends who smoked. They usually needed it, because of their stressful home life.
I use it now because cannabis is a low-risk alternative for high-risk patients like Veterans to heal physical Traumas and brings spiritual wellness; where opioids only disconnect and destroy families. Treating my pain, insomnia, PTSD, TBI with CBD/THCA in daily micro dosing schedule has provided consistent healing for myself. Treating high-risk patients like veterans with high-risk opioids/pharmaceuticals has been a formula that is killing way too many and saving way too few.

My connection to cannabis was as a patient at first in 2009 during my transition from active duty. As I found safe access and clean medicine, my curiosity and passion grew into compassionate care for my cannabis community. By 2015, I had finished my third research trip with CSUSM Anthropology department to study Intercultural Medicine and Healing in the Andes and Amazon of Ecuador. There, we initiated and launched the first international branch of anthropology at CSUSM. It was while studying there that I developed a love for plant-based medicine. My experience in the Marine Corps and as an anthropologist has taught me the value of cultural literacy, trust and community. It is those experiences that have propelled me into this industry. Since, I have served thousands of cannabis patients in Orange County providing warmth, education, and honest communication about cannabis.
I personally live in South Orange County, and there are no retail stores are allowed here. Personally, delivery is the safest access any ways. The patient never leaves their home and during my hardest years of isolation I could count on my local delivery service for safe access. Why force patients out of their homes. That’s not smart. For me, I just don’t deal with the VA if I can help it. The VA offers High-risk medicines and demands I drive out of my county for 2 hours or more to be treated. When low-risk alternatives are minutes away from me in my local community. That makes no sense.

To all the naysayers I will inevitably be there for them when they need a community of compassion and support when their pets or loved ones need healing. We are all in this together.

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