The Flower Daddy: Cannabis Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

The Flower Daddy: Cannabis Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

He’s an event planner, wedding planner, and a florist extraordinaire. Jamie Lee McCormick’s mission is merge cannabis with weddings and floral arrangements. He says, “It’s a plant. Flowers on Flowers. I’ve always had a green thumb.”

Jamie’s passion and love for flowers was inherited by his mother, Sharon, who was a florist and inherited her flower store from Jamie’s grandfather. Jamie spent his jovial childhood summers gallivanting at the flower shop in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

“It was always in the family,” Jamie said.

His mother had a heart condition causing her to sell the flower shop and in 2009 Jamie’s mother tragically passed away at the young age of 54. A year later, the bright lights of tinsel town drew him in. Once in Hollywood pursuing his Film and Television industry dreams, Jamie worked at a flower shop his boyfriend at the time’s mother owned, while also waiting tables.

Jamie launched The Flower Daddy originally as just an Instagram page where he could showcase the floral arrangements he was creating as a hobby for his friends as favors.

Through personal connections and word of mouth, Jamie was working weddings, celebrity parties and birthdays, Grammy after parties, Playboy events, Laker Girls Christmas Parties, and other high profile gigs as both the florist and event coordinator.

In 2013, Jamie worked EdiblesList.com’s first booth for their website launch at the First High Times Recreational Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. From then on he became a mainstay on the Edibles Magazine™ event team helping coordinate and doing the flowers for the 2nd and 3rd Annual Best of Edibles List Awards and 1st and 2nd Annual Infused Expos.

Last year, Jamie’s conceptual project started becoming a real business, where he has since gone on to plan events and do floral arrangements for High Times, The Cannabis Wedding Expo, The Emerald Exchange and more.

Cannabis infused weddings have now become his specialty. Last month, he was declared the first weed wedding planner on Los Angeles’ NBC Nightly News.

Jamie told NBC, “I want to de-stigmatize cannabis, on the social aspect side of things and show it’s not about just sitting on the couch.”

While his TV and film industry dreams brought him out here, Jamie’s love of the female cannabis plant and weddings is adding a cutting edge to this industry.

Jamie says he delivers all of his floral arrangements himself because, “I want to see their reaction. I love how both flowers and cannabis flowers bring a smile to people’s faces.”

If you’re interested in doing a weed wedding be sure to check him out online at www.TheFlowerDaddy.com, or follow him at @theflowerdaddy on IG.

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