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Top 7 Cannabis Holiday Gift Ideas

Top 7 Cannabis Holiday Gift Ideas - Flower
1. Flower/Pre-Rolls/Blunts
You can’t go wrong with flower as long as you buy quality product. When gifting buds or nugs it’s nice to go with something in a glass jar. High end pre-rolled joints or blunts, especially if they come in a stylish and reusable cigarette case style box and are infused with hash, are the extra classy way to go.

2. Edibles
Edibles are perfect for gift giving, especially top quality chocolates, truffles, or cookies in a holiday box. Hard candy, gummies and savory nuts all make ideal stocking stuffers and organic olive oil or coconut oil are both shelf stable enough to be festively gift wrapped and waiting under the tree.

3. Accessories (Clothing, Jewelry)
There’s no shortage of cannabis themed earrings, tee shirts, rings, hats and keychains to choose from online and these items are totally legal to ship anywhere. There’s also sweaters, messenger bags, socks and even pajamas and underwear. Check out some fun stuff on

4. Vapes and Vaporizers
Vapes make really good gifts for people who love vaping. Cartridges, refillable tanks, one-time use pens, dry herb vapes and rechargeable batteries all make very sweet presents at the holiday times. For those you really love, a desktop vaporizer like the volcano will look straight outta Santa’s workshop.

5. Smoking Pieces (Pipes/Bongs/Rigs)
Bongs are a nice gift idea for those serious consumers always looking for the next level. Hand blown glass, unbreakable silicone, and repurposed antique vases are all popular choices. Intricate glass dab rigs, hand held blow torches and e-nails will make your favorite dab fan’s holiday wishes come true.

6. Herb Grinders
Grinders are nice, especially for rollers and a good one will last forever. A nice one made from zinc and or stainless steel is always reliable. You can find cute themed grinders shaped like Pokemon balls, the Death Star, BB-8 the droid, and a lot of different decorative and brightly colored models online.

7. Concentrate/Dabs
For dabbing, or infusing bowls and rolls, concentrates are what you need. Oil, shatter, wax, crumble, live resin, distillate, crystal, diamonds, BHO and more are all very nice options. These are sometimes in some pretty basic packaging so you may want to get a nice card to go with these.

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