TOP 7 Cannabis Wedding Ideas

Cannabis Wedding

Top 7 Cannabis Wedding Ideas from the Flower Daddy:

Flower Daddy

1. Infused Cake / Desserts :

This one is more obvious than the others. If you’re doing a multi-tiered cake you can do one tier infused with THC, making it an option to indulge or not. If you’re not doing a traditional cake, you can choose to do some confections as infused, like truffles which can be bought at a dispensary, or you can choose to do one infused flavor of cupcakes if doing mini desserts.

2. CBD Gifts:

A great way to incorporate cannabis to your bridal party is gifting them with CBD products like bath bombs and CBD beauty products for BridesMaids and personalized engraved vape pens for Groomsmen.

3. Pre-Rolls:

Whether you roll them yourself with your favorite strain or you buy them at the legal dispensary, Joints or blunts are a great way to replace the alcohol toast as a Celebratory Smoke after the couple says “I doob” on their special day.

4. Cannabis Flowers:

You can put them in your Bouquets, Boutonniere, and Floral Arrangements or centerpieces at your wedding reception. I think displaying Cannabis in your favorite florals on your wedding day helps break the stigma. I think in this country we forget its just a plant at the end of the day.
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5. Hemp Dress:

Feeling earthy and into the lifestyle? You can get a custom Organic Hemp Wedding gown by High Vibe Bride. They create dreamy eco-friendly custom gowns for your special day.

6. Vape Bar:

I love all the vapes that are out there currently on the market. It just depends on what kind of smoker you are and what vibe you want to supply for your guests. You can set up a vape bar with your favorite dry herb vaporizers, and choose THC or Hemp CBD strains to accommodate everyone.

7. Infused Chocolate Fountain:

You can take your favorite THC, CBD, or 1:1 chocolate and melt it in a fountain. You can dip all of your favorites including marshmallows, strawberries, orange slices, pretzels, sponge cake and many more! Quick tip to avoid a big messy mistake: Wait for the fountain to heat up first before putting in the chocolate to melt.

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