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$6.1 Million From CBD Lawsuit Makes Clint Eastwood’s Day

$6.1 Million From CBD Lawsuit Makes Clint Eastwood's Day - Image Credit Wesley Hitt - Cropped

Dan Capener

Legendary actor, director, composer, and producer Clint Eastwood has been awarded $6.1 million from a company that falsely claimed Eastwood had endorsed their CBD products. The company then failed to respond to a court ordered summons and a summary judgment of 6.1 million was issued!

Eastwood and Garrapata, a company that owns rights to his likeness, filed two lawsuits in a Los Angeles federal court last year against three CBD manufacturers that had claimed the actor endorsed their products.

Eastwood’s lawyers asserted that the primary company involved, Mediatonas UAB, completely fabricated every and all information relating to Clint Eastwood and his likeness on their website. The official court document read:  “Mr. Eastwood has no connection of any kind whatsoever to any CBD products and never gave the alleged NBC interview on the Today show suggesting he was leaving Hollywood to become a CBD salesman for their products.”

Mediatonas UAB, is a company that owns the websites that published the fake interview on an NBC show resembling “The Today Show”  and allegedly used a photo of Eastwood from an actual appearance on” The Today Show”, adding links directing consumers to buy their CBD products.

The second lawsuit targeted ten companies and individuals throughout the United States that are accused of using a programming code to insert his name in hidden metatags, to direct online searches to their web page.

The 91 year old Academy Award winning Actor/Director Eastwood asked the court to order the companies to give up all income, profits, and benefits resulting from their conduct. The judge who oversaw Clint Eastwood’s case was R. Gary Klausner of United States District Court for the Central District of California, he immediately awarded the plaintiff and Garrapata $6.1 million dollars for Mediatonas UAB’s fraudulent acts. The judge declined to award damages for defamation claims, saying the language used to promote Eastwood as an endorser of the CBD products “was not libelous on its face.”

Eastwood has 8 children ranging from 24 to 67 years old, most have followed in his footsteps and work in the film industry.  He is non-smoker in real life, but he sometimes uses a certain brand of cigars for the nasty taste to help with his “Make my Day, Punk,” movie persona.  

Just the opposite of Eastwood’s non smoking lifestyle, one of his close friends James Garner, the “Maverick” and “Rockford Files” star was once heard stating, “I smoked pot for 50 years.” Garner was a supporter of the University of Oklahoma, and in 2003 donated $500,000 to their school of drama. Before he died in 2014, he had attended  the University of Oklahoma as well as many Oklahoma Sooners football games. At his funeral Eastwood said, “Garner opened the door for people like Steve McQueen and myself.”

Eastwood, at 91, is still at it directing and acting and sometimes chomping on nasty cigars. Hopefully he has time left to spend his $6 million dollar win (if he ever actually collects the money). If he does collect on that, Edibles Magazine™ Oklahoma would like to suggest a donation from Mr. Clint Eastwood to the University of Oklahoma to remember the guy who opened the door for people like him and Steve McQueen.

In conclusion, of the many ways to profit from the sale, use, and manufacturing of CBD, Mr. Eastwood’s $6.1 million dollar win for CBD non-endorsement is a unique and unusual way to profit from CBD but it should act as a deterrent for false claims from other companies towards himself and other celebrities.

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