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Letter From Editor - Issue 64 - Edibles Magazine - Oklahoma

Greetings my friends,

The Holidaze are here and this year has shaped up to be the weirdest one of the modern era. We’ve been living through a global pandemic for over half a year now and there doesn’t exactly seem to be an end in sight. Social distancing, working remotely, wearing masks and putting hand sanitizer on damn near everything has become the norm. Many things have changed and now we’re going to have a new president, who happens to be the old vice president, in the new year. For the time being, cannabis is still going strong and continues to be an essential business. A lot of new states just legalized recreational cannabis with some good news regarding medical and mushrooms too. And Edibles Magazine is finally back in print! This month the focus is on Oklahoma and the holidays. Oklahoma is now one of the biggest, most productive, most lucrative cannabis markets in The United States and it continues to grow fast.

We’ve toured some really nice outdoor farms, greenhouses and indoor grows in Oklahoma and have been very impressed with the plants the cultivators here are growing. Weather conditions in the Sooner state can be wildly unpredictable and the extreme differences in temperature and precipitation levels can present some big challenges. That being said, there are a lot of advantages for patients as well as for people doing business in a state like Oklahoma. The level of THC in an edible isn’t restricted the way it is in a recreational state like California so it isn’t uncommon to see products labeled with 500mg of THC or more, much like you’d have seen in Los Angeles in 2017. Many delicious, potent and cool brands are available. There’s over 2000 dispensaries operating and over 300,000 patients. That means the percentage of the population in Oklahoma who are patients is almost 8%, the highest in the nation by far. Yet every single county voted red in this past election. That’s very interesting and seems to invert part of the narrative when it comes to the social stigma surrounding cannabis and who it’s coming from.

We’ve also got all of the winners of The Best of Edibles Awards, new product reviews, recipes, news, puzzles, comics and more. Enjoy The Oklahoma Issue!

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore

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