Product Feature: Smokus Focus

Smokus Focus

It was like my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah and Easter all rolled together when I was given a brand new exciting cannabis goodie at the CannaCon show over the 4/20 holiday weekend! It was a real treat as I confess I am a “Bud Porn Junkie”, but now I no longer have to check out Ed Rosenthal’s “Book of Buds” as I have a live, real time “Smokus”. This well designed viewing tool will assist you with checking out your bud and getting lost in the microbes of snowy, sappy, frosty polyps of delight. That is of course if you have a well cultivated flower in hand.

This round cylinder is a simple-to-load unit that you can easily place a bud inside. With clear panels on the outside and a light on the inside, you turn it on and peer inside as you get lost in amazement of viewing what you’ll soon be smoking. It comes complete with a protective carry bag that makes it easy to travel with and is re-chargeable. You’ll feel upscale and like a true bud coinsurer pulling this out to do a visual assessment of your flower to verify the dankness is what it claims to be. As an enlarged lit up flower doesn’t lie, this is the jeweler’s loop of the cannabis aficionado.

The Smokus is available in cool colors and you’ll no doubt find that the sturdy item assists you in focusing in on what we all love so much. Long live “Bud Porn”! Smokusfocus.com

Keiko Beatie

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