Product Review: Life Bloom Oral CBD Spray

Product Review: Life Bloom Oral CBD Spray

Here in my purse is one of the newest and easiest ways to take your CBD. Life Bloom has created a sublingual spray that is compact and 99% pure CBD. It’s in a handy travel size spray atomizer that offers a micronized oral spray of 8 mL in size, 60 mg of 99% pure CBD and an estimated 2 mg of CBD pre-spray which is enough to make your day! So happy to know that brands are being developed with such consciousness. Life Bloom shares that their spray has no toxins, herbicides, no plant wax, heavy metals (sorry Metallica fans), and no pesticides. They say that two sprays a day keeps you healthy and reaching your highest peak! Thank you Life Bloom Organics for your CBD oral spray and developing a product that is easy and functional and only $29 retail. For more information, reach out to

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