Product Review: Papa and Barkley Topicals

One of the best items I found at the wonderful Emerald Exchange this past spring is the new brand, Papa & Barkley. It is a “Releaf” product line that delivers “Serious Pain Relief” within their clean and simple branding of whole plant, triple tested and all natural topicals. Releaf Balm has both THC and CBD along with coconut oil and is in a 3 to 1 and 1 to 3 formulas. The impressive transdermal patch is available with similar formulations and which also includes a CBD only patch! With body oil and tinctures manufactured with impressively clean ingredients and lovely packaging, it made hiking the hills and dusty trails of the Emerald Exchange well worth the trek. The next bath I took included the amazing Papa & Barkley Releaf Soak. I was in my own tub of nirvana, floating away to soothing bliss! Named after founder Adam Grossman’s father, Morton, and beloved dog Barkley, this is truly from the heart and is focused on providing patients relief from pain and healing. The brand has already won Best Topical at the High Times 2017 competition. Soon on the horizon will be the pet care line as Papa & Barkley uses only sungrown flowers to create a brand worthy to honor a father and his favorite pet.

Keiko Beatie
Contributing Writer

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