Product Review: Rusty Raw Rolling Papers

Rusty Raw Rolling Papers are absolutely my new preferred papers when it comes to rolling my own. These beauties were gifted to me on the floor of the Cannabis World Congress last month in New York City by Rusty himself, who stopped me in my tracks to give me free packs of the best papers I’ve ever rolled or smoked. They come in 2 different styles, Original (Raw and Unbleached), or Organic Hemp and both sets come with the purest cardboard fiber filters built in so you never waste bud or burn lips. Every pack has 32 papers and a handy dandy built in magnet keeps the package shut and secure so you don’t need to worry about rips or tears. The glue is natural Arabic gum, works great and has zero taste whatsoever. They’re King Slim Size and that’s my favorite length. Each time you roll you get a smooth and slow burning joint that smokes perfectly all the way to the crutch with no runners. Burn one ASAP.

Jack Paradise
Contributing Writer

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