Sweetwater Farms Pre-Rolls

Sweetwater Farms Pre-Rolls

The Emerald Exchange is an event whose goal is to bring the best of the best of Nor Cal to Southern California. One of the purveyors of cultivation there with a long standing reputation within the Humboldt community was Sweetwater Pharms. Sean from, Sweetwater along with his lovely wife is leading the way with a line of products highlighting their talented cultivation methods with a line of amazing pre rolls, flowers and topicals.

The convenient mini tin holds three keif encrusted pre rolls and as soon as you slide open the box a waft of terpene rich flower overtakes your senses. With an attractive logo on the front I had the ultimate pleasure of the Sativa pre rolled joint to enjoy with my 420 friends. You have to share something this good with others and we passed it around while appreciating the taste, smell and inevitably positive vibrations.

Please, it’s now absolute torture as I may have to wait until the next Emerald Exchange or take a fiendish road trip up to Nor Cal and see Sean and the ladies up at Sweetwater Pharms. I now sleep with the sad empty tin under my pillow so I may dream of that moment once again!­­­­ Read more at: www.sweetwaterpharms.com

Keiko Beatie

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