THC Preservation

As the cannabis industry evolves, so should our thinking when it comes to how we should store our products for THC preservation. Countless medical marijuana companies have proven over the last several years to produce consistent, high-quality, lab-tested products that have changed the lives of so many. These products come in many different variations and you should know why it’s important to think ahead when going to your dispensary/collective and what you can do to prevent all the bad things you don’t want to happen to your cannabis-related products. This is especially important if you live in a warm weather climate. We should all treat these products as if you were going to a grocery store.

What do you normally do if you’re going to purchase ice cream or other frozen products on a hot summer day? It’s a 110 degrees out and you’re in the Market for 20 minutes – you come back to your car, turn on the A/C, and it still takes several minutes for your car to cool down. Most of us would be smart enough to bring a cooler or a bag designed to keep frozen products cold enough until you reach your destination. That is exactly the same kind of thinking you should have for all cannabis-related products you purchase from your neighborhood dispensary or collective. Don’t let your ice cream melt and don’t let your THC degrade. That’s the moral of this story. Do your very best to maintain the consistency of your products. This is most important with edibles. Chocolates, gummies, drinks, etc. should always be kept cold or at least room temperature 100% of the time. Oil separation is something you don’t want if you’re using medical marijuana as an alternative for a better quality of life. Having consistency is what helps people find the balance they’ve always looked for. You don’t want a chocolate bar melting, then have to be frozen, and then have the oil be unevenly distributed throughout a mutated looking reconstituted edible. Or you have the problem of a drink where the oil separates from hot temperatures and the hash oil sticks to the inside of the bottle, not allowing you to receive all the oil that you need.

These are just a couple of real life examples you should consider. Keeping these products stable should be high on your list of priorities, so always make sure you have a cooler with ice packs and store your products immediately, then start your car. Give yourself the peace of mind that everyone deserves. This also applies to flowers and concentrates too. Keeping your flower cold preserves the trichomes/terpenes and it keeps the concentrates from buddering. We’ve come a long way since 1996 and the birth of Prop 215 and what we know now needs to be taught to everyone. Preserve life, and preserve THC.

Patrick Moore

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