WüSah: Pre-Roll Hybrid Joints

WüSah: Refresh Cold Pressed Juice

Today, I had the privilege of trying some lovely flower by Wūsah. There are seven joints per jar. Each joint contains about .5g of flower, totaling a complete 8th. They’re small enough to smoke one and not have a roach left to stink up your purse or pocket.

They come in a very nice jar, and have a pleasant aroma. The jar has a nice twist top that keeps the product fresh. I enjoyed the way they tasted. After smoking one joint, I felt pretty elevated. I was high, but not so much so that I couldn’t concentrate on what i was working on at the time. I’m not necessarily a lightweight, but smoking just one joint was enough for me. I’m sure I will be reaching for the jar to retrieve another joint in a couple of hours.

The company was founded by GG of Shahs of Sunset. Along with the pre-rolled joints, they have an assortment of other products including vape pens and drinks. I haven’t tried any of her other products yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. I like her packaging, and overall aesthetic.

I keep my jar of pre-rolls in my bag so that they’re in reach when I need to medicate. It is very convenient to have my meds ready to go without having to worry about who will help me roll my flower, because of the lack of hand dexterity. I also don’t have to worry about carrying a pipe with me.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who can appreciate medicating with the convenience and efficiency of pre-rolls. These joints are very effective, and the jar they come in provides for discretion if you need it. Smoking these joints was a pleasurable and elevating experience. I’m looking forward to lighting the next one and heading back to my studio to complete some projects.

Richard Bell

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