Blazing Brown Sugar Pecan Pie

Infusing in Isolation: Recipes, Rations and Cannabis

It’s that time of year again. Just kidding, it’s a time like we’ve never known before and the entire world has changed drastically. But also it’s the 4/20 season and it’s springtime. Even if you’re quarantined in a bunker and living off of rations, you still need to get high, so why not make infused and elevated edibles in style. We’ve included some popular wartime and depression era favorites with a modern fusion cannabis spin. Stay safe, stay stoned, and wash your hands – especially before you cook and before you eat. peSop! 

Blazing Brown Sugar Pecan Pie

For the Pie Pastry: 

1 cup all-purpose flour 

2/3 cup cake flour 

1 tablespoon powdered sugar 

1/2 teaspoon salt 

4 tablespoons butter (cold and cut into small pieces) 

5 tablespoons shortening (cut into small pieces) 

1/4 cup water (ice cold) 

Optional: 1 egg white (lightly beaten)

For the Pecan Pie Filling: 

3 large eggs (beaten) 

1 cup light brown rice syrup 

1/8 teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

1 cup light brown sugar (firmly packed) 

3 tablespoons cannabis butter (melted) 

1 1/4 cups pecan halves


Pie Pastry: 

In a food processor, combine flours, powdered sugar, and salt. Pulse a few times to combine. Sprinkle pieces of butter over the flour mixture, stir in lightly, then pulse about 6 times. Sprinkle shortening pieces over the mixture, stir in lightly, then pulse about 6 to 7 more times. Sprinkle with half of the water. Pulse 5 times. Sprinkle with remaining water; pulse about 6 times, until dough begins to clump. Empty the large crumbs into a bowl. Pack and knead just 2 or 3 times. Shape into a disk, wrap in plastic, and chill for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Roll out on a floured surface to fit the pie pan. Fold over and fit into the pan, cutting off excess. Form a decorative edge around the plate. Before adding the filling, brush with a little of the beaten egg white, if desired. 

Pie Filling: 

In a mixing bowl, combine the beaten eggs, brown rice syrup, salt, vanilla, brown sugar, and melted cannabis butter; stir to blend well. Stir in pecans. Pour into the unbaked pie shell. Bake at 400 F for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 350 F and bake 25 to 30 minutes longer. Cover the crust edge with a pie ring or foil ring if browning too much. The outer edge of the filling should be slightly puffed and set, and the middle will not be very jiggly. Let the pie cool completely on a rack. Serve with whipped cream or whipped topping or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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