Hello Pen Pineapple OG Vape Cartridge

Hello Pen is a very cool new brand of vape that recently entered the California cannabis scene and they’ve made a nice impression. The cartridge is a nicely updated classic with a ceramic heating element, stainless steel mouthpiece and base, with a quartz glass tank that won’t break if you drop it. “Meticulously-designed world-class hardware.” The HP carts are all filled with solvent and pesticide free distillate that rocks a solid score of 86% THC and 5% CBD. That’s a nice number and absolutely enough to get the job done.

All natural and with no PG, VG, PEG or MCT, and the product is fully lab tested too. Available in half and full gram sizes as well as Cannalope Haze and Blueberry Kush, these vapes are potent to be sure and a little goes a long way. The taste and aroma were both sweetly flavorful without tasting fake or over cooked. It’s a strong but subtle taste and these produce a lot of vapor cloud — perfect for blowing smoke rings or french inhaling if that’s your thing. The high produced was very laid back and smiley with no paranoia at all. The smell dissipates quickly so you don’t need to worry about much as far as bothering other people goes. After a nice vape session with the Hello Pen I spent some time in a lawn chair by the poolside taking it easy and listening to the soundtrack from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie — the Pina Colada Song lyrics are crazy.

This cartridge has your standard 510 threading and will fit any basic battery. It has a nice sleek look so you should be just as comfortable puffing on this when you’re out on the town, or home on the couch. Again — Hello Pen hits big, so inhale easy and relax into it.

Learn more about the company and their products by visiting their website:

Jack Paradise

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