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Edibles Magazine Feature High Spirits Review - Hemp CBD Infused Beverage

Hemp Infused Non-Alcoholic Beverage (Mojito)

Edibles Magazine Feature High Spirits Review - Hemp CBD Infused Beverages

I split this beverage with my wife, because she was “on one“ most of the day. This would be a true test of this product’s fortitude. To be honest, the flavor might be off putting to some, but I’ll get into that later.

The beverage comes in a glass bottle with a beautiful label that at first glance resembles a beer or wine cooler.. But if you read the label, it clearly states that this is a non-alcoholic beverage.  The flavor that we tried is also called Mojito, which got me excited all over again. I honestly really like Mojito‘s especially in the summer. I appreciate the fact that they use glass and not plastic for their beverages.  Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it’s so much more classy.


For me, the taste wasn’t as pleasant as I’d hoped. It tasted more like I was drinking a diet beverage, probably from the essence of the hemp oil.  There was the spearmint like aftertaste which wasn’t bad at all. With that, the flavor did hint at Mojito’s.. About five minutes after drinking half of it, I felt completely at peace and very relaxed.  I glanced over at my wife, who was apparently in a completely different place than before we sat down, and asked how she was feeling. She simply responded that she was, “feeling really well“. After she paused to make a second assessment, she reiterated that this drink was amazing.. That was confirmation for how I was feeling.


After experiencing the purpose for the drink and it’s benefits, we realized that however we felt that the taste was not a problem at all.  We feel like this is something important to have available in the refrigerator. We generally keep CBD teachers in stock at our house, but this beverage seems to work a lot faster and have a greater impact on how we are feeling.

Richard Bell

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