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Letter From the Editor Issue 48

Letter From the Editor Issue 48

Welcome to The Edibles Magazine Awards Issue. It was an honor and a pleasure to interview Greg Sestero for this month’s feature. He’s most well known for playing Mark in “The Room” (considered the worst movie ever made) and for writing “The Disaster Artist,” which tells the story of making that infamous film. He wrote his newest movie, “Best F(r)iends” while high on sativa Cheeba Chews and we’ve got the scoop on what that process was like, as well as a movie crossword puzzle, cannabis characters in film list, movie themed recipes, an especially insightful Crazy Rich Asians review and more. “Best F(r)iends” is a movie you need to watch if you’re into The Room. The basketball scene seems like an homage/inside joke for all the fans. Watch it high on edibles for a deeper experience. There’s also counterfeit cannabis labels to beware of and Hawaii might soon be the nation’s dankest destinations for cannabis tourism with some cool new laws the island wants to implement for visitors. Ever since iO West and Meltdown closed, I haven’t had a readily available theater to shoot in, so it was great to use The Pack in Hollywood for our Greg Sestero interview and photoshoot. It’s a big part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival each year. Movies and cannabis always go well together. “Baked Potatoes: A Pot Smoker’s Guide to Movies and Home Video” was one of the funniest books I read in college. Kevin Smith has a new online show called “Hollyweed” and marijuana gets more normalized onscreen all the time. Many performers are in the news right now for a variety of reasons, some pretty scandalous. Asia Argento, Ben Affleck, James Gunn, and who knows who else by the time this is published. I saw Deadpool 2 and Three Identical Strangers and really enjoyed both a whole bunch, for different reasons. Seeing documentaries in the actual cinema while high on edibles is my new favorite movie going experience.

We will be travelling to Kauai and Oklahoma this month for some canna-education expos and are pretty curious to see what’s going on in these other states. The Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa will be home to the state’s 1st cannabis business conference. I hung out in that area as a teenager because it was home to Tulsa’s contemporary art scene. Should be interesting. We also have all of our award winners announced in this issue.

Los Angeles is getting closer and closer to full legalization as more licenses are being applied for. Once LA is full swing into actual legalized recreational cannabis with manufacturing, distribution, and retail happening – we may just see a Utopia like never before. Here’s hoping it gets done right and by the right people. Dangerous posers always seem to be creeping in and getting greedy. Beware and take care. Summer is over but Halloween is right around the corner. Smoke weed and see some movies. If you get the munchies, feed yourself and have fun.

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore

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