Luna Rocca Moonrock and the Piece Pipe Chrome

Luna Roca and piece pipe Edibles Magazine Review

It was a cloudless night, brightened by a full moon. I thought it would be the perfect stage to throw on some Classic Rock, pull out my new Piece Pipe Chrome and load it with some moon rocks from Luna Rocca. Seeing the PP looks like a Silver Bullet in its unengaged form, I threw on some Bob Seger and proceeded to ready my argent pipe for a healthy serving of Luna Rocca’s golden treasure. In it’s hidden form, the Piece Pipe looks like a simple key chain. The Chrome version I got is compact and looks sleek. The Piece Pipe also comes in gold.

One small pull on the end of the pipe will reveal the bowl. Another pull will reveal a small receptacle for stashing a couple of extra packs worth of Luna Rocca, or whatever flower you’re smoking. Pull off the outer shell completely, and the Piece Pipe easily separates into two pieces, allowing for a very simple cleaning process. This pipe is slick and has an elegant design. I can see me and the Piece Pipe playing weed super spy together, using this bad boy out on the beach or at my nephew’s soccer games. It’s light, comfortable in my pocket, and best of all, it works. I’d love to see some sort of poking tool added to a future design, but, it’s hard to find anything else wrong with this product.

After getting over my initial awe of how on point the Piece Pipe’s engineers were in it’s design, I wanted to keep the on-the-nose musical accompaniment train going, so, I threw on Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London, as I grabbed the golden packaged goodness of the Luna Rocca. The packaging on this product is gorgeous. It looks like a fancy candy you’d grab at a pharmacy counter when you’re too drunk or high to think about budgets or calories. It looks…luxurious. The initial bouquet upon tearing open the package was pleasant and sweet. This product is soft to the touch and isn’t sticky or hard to handle. I finished packing the bowl as old Warren started howling about Pina Coladas at Trader Vic’s. Looking up into the bright night sky, I took my first pull. I’ve tried many moon rocks in the past, and was bracing myself for a harsh drag.

To my delight, I didn’t need to, as the flavor of Luna Rocca was incredibly mild and tasty. An oily warmth filled my lungs, and the back end of the exhale left a rich aftertaste. After a few pulls, my smoking partner and I each noticed a lovely body high coupled with a mild euphoria. We settled into our lawn chairs and stared up into the sky, as our hastily concocted moon based playlist slipped into the opening riffs of Ozzy’s classic Bark at the Moon. Satisfied with my high, off a very small amount of product, I packed the rest of my Luna Rocca into the Piece Pipe’s storage receptacle and threw it on my keychain. I love knowing I have a quick pick me up of Luna Rocca waiting for me the next time I get stuck at a friend’s terrible improv show or hear Van Morrison start singing about the nights magic.

Find out how to get a Piece Pipe of your own at originalpiecepipe.com and follow Luna Rocca on instagram at @officiallunarocca_.

Ken Breese

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