Nice Patties – 100mg 3-Pack

Edible's Magazine Review Peppermint Patties

I’m a Stoner Dad. I wear that label with pride. Stoner Dad is a lot more fun than Drunk Dad. Stoner Dad is more prone to laugh at his kids’ jokes and antics, unlike Drunk Dad who is pushing his kids away because they’re too damn loud and he wants to watch the Celtics game. I’m not saying Drunk Dad doesn’t love his blurry kids, but let’s be real: Stoner Dad’s the one who jumps at the chance to take their kids to the park because that’s an opportunity to drop an edible and be in nature!

A recent glorious Sunday afternoon, I took my daughter to the local nature park after eating an edible cookie from our friends at NICE PATTIES. Their edible cookies come in a 3-pack, but I only took one. This turned out to be one of my better ideas. Not only was it a tasty little morsel (like a Peppermint Patty and a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie had a baby) but almost as soon as we began our stroll toward the park (that’s right, we WALKED to the park! – this Stoner Dad is responsible and law abiding and knows NEVER to get behind the wheel whilst partaking) the euphoria hit, and oh my Lordy was it a pleasant trip! I don’t think I had ever laughed as much at my daughter’s tales from the lunch tables. And once we reached the park, it was heaven. With the edible enhancing my experience, the greenery from the trees, grass and surrounding foliage felt like a magical forest. I was totally in the moment and feeling incredible, all while still maintaining my sense of parental responsibility.

Bottom line: This yummy edible made of all organic ingredients is perfect for a day spent outdoors and it won’t bog you down with a feeling of sluggishness or paranoia. If you see some of these edibles from NICE PATTIES do yourself a favor and pick them up. That’s what Stoner Dad would do.

Melvin Nuggeez

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