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Edibles Magazine Review Fruit Slabs

Fruit Slabs are a 100MG THC edible that are the closest thing to cannabis infused fruit roll-ups you’re likely to find. They’re strips made from real fruit that are vegan, gluten free and have no sugar added. Each 22 gram package contains ten (10mg) servings of THC and 0% CBD. There are only a few ingredients which is always nice. They are organic mango puree concentrate, organic shelled hemp seeds, tropical punch flavor concentrate, and THC extract. The ingredients say to start slow, with one 10MG square dose. Wait 45-90 minutes and if you want more then try another small dose square. If you regularly consume high dose edibles (like we do) then you’re probably fine eating more. These fruit slabs taste good and they work. I started with 3 squares (30MG of THC) and was feeling it within 25 minutes. It’s nice to have an edible cannabis snack without a lot of sugar or carbohydrates and finding gluten free, vegan edibles can be very challenging so these are a nice option to have. There’s also only 9 calories per serving.

After eating my 3 fruit slab squares I kicked back on the couch to get caught up on the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. THC goes well with dragons, sword fights and pirates so it was a good combination. The effects lasted for a couple of hours and made the viewing experience more enjoyable. I’ve still got 7 squares left I might save for the season finale. Fruit Slabs are manufactured in Oakland and available in California.

To see where the nearest place for you to get some slabs is, check the store locator on their website at


Tommy Knowledge

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