W Vapes Golden Gram Vape Cartridge

W Vapes Golden Gram Vape Cartridge

The Golden Gram is the newest product available from W Vapes, and like all of their cartridges it’s filled with pure and potent Co2 extracted single origin Cannabis oil. The difference this time is the size, with the Golden Gram weighing in at a whopping 1000mg making it twice the size of what we’ve gotten used to, meaning you get double the amount of potent and delicious medicine. The GG is also very cool from an aesthetic perspective. The cartridge, oil, and push button battery are all golden in color giving it a strong monochromatic visual. The oil is processed into a bright platinum hue and it’s beautifully clear.

The terpenes are extracted first and reintroduced post processing so the taste and specific effects of the particular strains are perfectly preserved. I had a nice strong Indica: God’s Gift. The cannabinoid content was conveniently printed on the strong and sleek carrying case style packaging and I was very pleased to see that the THC content was a full 75% with a little bit of CBD clocking in at 0.03%.

The effects and feelings experienced during and after medicating with this golden vape pen were even better than what’s been come to be expected from the always reliable W Vapes. It was incredibly relaxing and I was able to lay back and put on a big smile as all the stress and tension went away and I had no problem vaping an extra long time knowing I had twice as much to enjoy as usual. We aren’t sure how long a full gram lasts yet as this one is still going nicely. Do some prospecting on the W Vapes website to see where the nearest location is for you to get a Golden Gram of your own and go strike it rich in good times and nice feelings!

Jack Paradise

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