A Most Valuable Asset

A Most Valuable Asset

In today’s hectic world, stopping to get a bite to eat is time consuming – let alone preparing your own edibles! Throughout history, there is an unsung hero. Although regarded as menial and unskilled, commercial food production is arguably a very highly skilled labor. A service critical to society on equal footing with engineers, doctors and lawyers. Chefs have vast education and food production is difficult. Even more so when the product line contains Cannabis. To safely and effectively mass produce daily products for human consumption is fast paced, competitive and a highly regulated industry.

The health and well being of consumers is the prime concern. Importantly, to make something that will be ingested by the end user is inviting a level of criticism few industries could handle. Take any product and subject it to the intimate analysis of the consumers – literally rolling the product around in their mouths. Not easy to hide mistakes and many items would never stand that level of scrutiny. It becomes even more difficult adding the fact that improperly prepared food is dangerous. In commercial food production, the highest level of professionalism and constant safety is standard – where it is lacking, customers will rightly fear to tread. Underappreciated is the ubiquitous ‘cook’. This can be anyone in food service from an Executive Chef to Dishwasher (sometimes the same person), but the defining factor of these individuals is their overriding concern for food safety. A constant strive for excellence is required when making something for others to eat.

Food service is unforgiving, carrying a professional responsibility and timing requirements unseen in most other industries. Running out of critical supplies, equipment failures, fire, disease, work hazards, hot and sharp items all contribute to an environment that is difficult to navigate. In the end, the cooks work is thoroughly investigated and judged by the clients sensitive taste buds and fickle digestion. Providing a safe food source, great cooks of the world continually produce for us unsung excellence. Exceptional quality is critical to any successful food item. Consumers notice if their food is not made correctly. Therefore, it can be reasonably said that in food production great cooks are one of the most valuable assets.

  • Professor Dale J. Chamberlain

About the author: Former NASA plant scientist Professor Dale J. Chamberlain has over eight years experience operating El Alegre restaurants in Colorado and Nebraska. Currently a Cannabis consultant and nutrition specialist he is the author of Aromatic Cannabis Cultivation; A Growers Guide to Great Ganja.

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