G Pen Dry Herb Vaporizer

G Pen Dry Herb Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite by Grenco Science is a compact dry flower vaporizer that heats up quick and can easily be transported anywhere. The chamber is big enough for at least a couple of bowls, if the herb is well ground so each fully packed vape session lasts a nice time. I’ve always been a fan of the “idea” of vaporizing flower, but I hadn’t found a device I was truly impressed with.

The G Pen Pro Elite is definitely my favorite so far. The 25 second heating up time goes by fast and the digital temperature display on the side makes it easy to monitor progress. Vaporizing flower always tastes like it’s being toasted to me and is always accompanied by a slight aroma of baked goods. G Pen includes a full set of cleaning and maintenance tools so your device never needs to stay dirty long. Handy dandy battery indicator and an auto shut-off feature help prolong the battery life and the USB charging system means you can charge up anywhere you can plug in. This is low temperature compared to smoking, so if you’ve been experiencing a coughing problem this might be a great solution. We stuffed it full of some incredible Super Silver Haze that smelled like nacho cheese and the taste was perfectly preserved as we puffed on the G Elite. Highly recommended for those who love cannabis and are exploring all the healthy lifestyle alternatives and also for tech-junkies and vapor connoisseurs.

Tech specs: The Lithium-Ion Battery is 2200mAh. Fully Adjustable Temperature Range: 200° – 428° F (93° – 220° C) and includes a 1 year Warranty. Size: Height 4.4 in, Width 1.25 in, Depth 1 in, Weight 3.1 oz / 88 g.

Patrick Ian Moore

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