Talkin Topicals with Gar – Issue 35

Cannabis Topicals Question & Answers

Hi Gar,
I broke my leg and will start physical therapy soon. I have used topicals before and love the quick pain relief. I think it might be good during therapy. Do you have any thoughts on this? Rick Denver, CO

Hi Rick,
Infused topicals such as oils, salves and lotion can be a great benefit in both healing and pain relief. Tell your therapist and pick a high quality product that works well for you.

Dear Gar,
As I have gotten older, the skin on my face is not as well toned as it once was. Do you know of any infused products that might help? Lyndsey Yuma, AZ

Hi Lyndsey,
We are starting to see some high quality beauty products available for problems such as yours. Most of these products are infused with a small dose (10-15mg) of THC, CBD, or both, in a particular base. Examples of this would be nourishing oils, serums and other facial products. These are all for external use, so keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

Dear Gar,
I follow your column every month, hoping to see someone with my problem. My state is 100% against any kind of marijuana, medical or otherwise. I get muscle spasms, and wish that I could be in a state that I could get it, but I can’t afford to move. I tried a lotion when I visited my brother in California last month. It fixed me right up. Can I get anything like that in a non-marijuana state? Thanks for your help. Rob

Hi Rob,
There are a few well known topical companies that are introducing hemp CBD versions of their infused topicals, often the very same products, with THC removed and replaced with CBD only. Hemp products are legal in all 50 states. The CBD must come from hemp and should plainly state that on the label. I have heard many success stories regarding these products as well.

Hi Gar,
I do data entry for a living and have carpal tunnel problems. My friend suggested that I try topical marijuana, so I got my recommendation. Much to my surprise, the doctor that wrote it told me the same thing, that I needed an infused topical. Can you suggest what type of product I should use? Debra Santa Clara, CA

Hi Debra,
You should find relief pretty quickly with a good topical lotion. Topicals can be both healing and pain relieving, and can be used as needed. There are lotions available that will not leave a greasy feeling, stop your pain, and last for hours. They are great for work and easy to use.

Gar Souders has over a decade of research into the effects & formulations of cannabis infused topicals. He is the founder of CannaTopics and is a member of several Pro Cannabis organizations.

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