The AeroInhaler

The AeroInhaler

This product is one of the more scientifically innovative and advanced ways of consuming cannabis, and it’s certainly been a long time coming. The AeroInhaler is a brand new device hitting the market and probably the most medical looking product we’ve seen.

The AeroInhaler aerosol inhaler delivers refined THC , using pure cannabis distillate while maintaining the flavor profile by adding live resin terpenes back into this product, making it possible to taste the profile of live resin with every puff. This inhaler is made with pharmaceutical-grade components containing 100 puffs per canister. Each puff dispenses 10mg of distillate packing 7mg of THC directly to your lungs with no heat, no combustion, and no throat burn.

It works by simply placing the plastic actuator into the mouth and pressing down like any other inhaler. The mist is cold and you feel the tetrahydrocannabinol immediately. It’s a good feeling and is slightly different than traditional methods of consumption. I felt very productive after taking my initial 3 hits and was relaxed without experiencing any heavy head or couch lock. The packaging is very childproof and a bit like solving a cardboard puzzle box. Exciting and futuristic, this space age design is the most modernized way of getting high you’ll find right now and it is thoroughly fresh and new just like the homepage says.

Get all the details at aeroinhaler.com.

Patrick Ian Moore

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